Moreshrooms was founded in 2023 with a mission to create a protein ingredient that is nutritious, versatile and good for the environment. 

The protein we eat today will be less available in the near future. We need to find alternatives that will do more good than damage in all aspects.

We are on a journey to make this a reality!

The team

Moreshrooms is driven by a dedicated and enthusiastic team, seamlessly merging expertise in natural sciences with business innovation. Our team’s youthfulness injects fresh perspectives, unbridled drive, and boundless energy into our mission to innovate and promote sustainability in the food industry, ultimately disrupting the status quo.

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Defne Bilgin

CEO & Co-Founder

With years of experience in food science and the food industry, Defne is leading Moreshrooms on it’s mission to create a more sustainable food system.

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Rebeka Benedetic

COO & Co-Founder

Rebeka has over 6 years of experience in the food supplement industry and a background from the faculty of pharmacy and business development.

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Mehidi Rashid

CTO & Co-Founder

Mehidi is our trusted biochemist, with experience in consultancy and strong knowledge about protein’s manufacture. He leads the development and research.

The name origins of Moreshrooms

Our name, “Moreshrooms,” may leave you wondering why we didn’t highlight algae in our name. The answer lies in our commitment to providing a more relatable and acceptable food source. Mushrooms, the roots of which are used to produce our mycoprotein, are a familiar and widely consumed food. We believe that by making our name more mushroom-centric, we can create a greater sense of approachability and acceptance for our mission. 

As a mycoprotein company, our goal is to offer a protein solution that is not only nutritious but also resonates with consumers, making sustainable choices easier for all.

Curious about joining our team?

At Moreshrooms, we’re a close group of passionate individuals shaping the future of sustainable food ingredients. Explore our career opportunities, including internships, and join us on this journey towards a more sustainable world.

Oslo, Norge, Forskningsparken 24.08.2023
Get To Know: An Incubator 
forskningsparken åpen dag.
Foto: Adrian Nielsen / Forskningsparken
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